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Easter Bunny Napkin Holders April 11, 2009

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wax paper
Toilet paper rolls
paint and brush
pipe cleaners
wiggle eyes
mixed size bag of pom poms
small piece of pink felt
glue- I use a glue gun, but if kids are helping, you can use Elmers

Place a sheet of wax paper out
Paint the outside of your toilet paper rolls (it’s easy if you have a couple fingers inside roll)
place on wax paper to dry completely

Once dry glue
2 med size pom poms in middle of tube
1 sm size pom pom on top in the middle of the two med size (this forms the nose and cheeks)
cut a small U shape tongue out of the pink felt and glue on the bottom under the med size pom poms

Cut pipe cleaners about 3-4 inches to make a total of 4
glue 2 on each side of the pom poms (this make the whiskers)

Glue 2 wiggly eyes 1/2 inch above the nose

Walla Done!

To use- start rolling cloth napkin from one corner to the other, fold in half, place the folded half into the top of the tube and push it down. Let the two ends of the napkins “flop” to each side of the bunny head. You now have a floppy eared bunny napkin holder. You can make the ears as long or short as you want!

If you like this idea- Please leave a comment so I know to keep sharing!


One Response to “Easter Bunny Napkin Holders”

  1. You always have the cutest crafts!!!

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