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Go Ahead Make My Day April 28, 2009

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Today I feel like a million bucks- why? you ask. Up at 6:45, off to work (had a great day there) then home and on to twitter….then I see em’

avatar_tiara_200_biggersugarjones@rachelferrucci and @military_mom You guys are probably asleep… but fyi… you’re both up for a recount with my judges.

  The excitement starts….could this be…me… a winner… OMG!!!! And it’s between me and one of my best friends, so at least I’ll be happy even if she wins… but of course I want to win. never won anything like this before.

Then comes this tweet

jenhintonheadshot1_biggerKeepItClassyJen@RachelFerrucci CONGRATS!!

    Now I’m thinking Jen is congratulating me on being a finalist…right? well I just don’t know.


Then the final Tweet that put me over the edge

blog4mom125copy-2_normal Military_Mom@RachelFerrucci hey Congrats again on winning the Kodak printer 🙂

 Holy crap…Shellie is congratulating me…wait…let me get my thoughts together.

I go to Sugarjones.TV and see this


After reviewing all the entries, making sure that the final comments chosen had answered the questions (how are you saving and prospering now, how much would you save, what would you do with it), I copied and sent the qualifying comments to friends who are not on Twitter and, quite honestly, those losers don’t even read my blog. What are ya gonna do?? Anyway… they came back to me with a tie. So I threw it back to them and said, “What the hell? I only have ONE printer!! You have to pick A winner!” And then I headed off to the beach for raspberry martinis with Hip Mom and waited.

And then they told me, one at a time via old-school email, that they had picked one. I was so glad they didn’t tie again because I did NOT want to have to be the tie breaker! I’d sooner split a baby than choose between Military Mom and MamaRucci.

Please visit the winner’s blog and tell her congratulations!! 

I click on the link and Guess What??? IT’S MY BLOG!!!!! WOO HOO WHOOT! I’m doing the happy dance.

Mind you by this time I’m now on the phone with Shellie (@Military_Mom). I scream in her ear …..she laughs….I scream more…she laughs…I then do the omg speech for 5 minutes….she reminds me, Yes you won. This went on for at least 10 minutes. This is how you know she’s a true friend, cause she didn’t hang up on me.

So Yes I Won the Kodak ESP7 Printer and I am still doing the happy dance!!


 Thank You So Much Sugar Jones!!!!!!! I am already planning the money I’ll be  saving. Business cards, brochures, pictures, coupons…..woo hoo, I’ll be a  printing mama!!! ♥


3 Responses to “Go Ahead Make My Day”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Congrats!!! I’m totally jealous!!!

  2. I am SO excited that you WON and I hope you get to Blogher! I need to meet Mamarucci!!!

  3. Janine Says:

    yeeeehaw! And I know a cocktail for me is what you’ll be buying with all that money you’re saving :).

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