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JVC Everio Camera May 2, 2009

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Did You see what JVC is giving away?  

JVC Everio Send Me To BlogHer 09 Sweepstakes

My favorite is the HD Series!  Tell me what your favorite is.


jvc1Everio G Series 
Everio G series camcorders shoot standard definition video and store your footage on a built-in hard drive, with a choice of 60GB, 80GB or 120GB capacity. And the 60GB model is available in a choice of diamond silversapphire blue or ruby red

So, if large, on-board capacity for long recording time and storage is your priority, Everio G is for you.



jvc2Everio S Series 
Everio S series camcorders also shoot standard definition video, but instead of a hard drive, these “memory” camcorders offer two storage options, depending upon the model – one features dual slots for SD/SDHC memory cards while the other offers a card slot plus 16GB of built-in flash memory. What’s more, they offer continuous recording – when one storage medium fills up during recording, it automatically switches over to the second one. Depending on the model, Everio S camcorders are available in onyx blacktopaz blue and garnet red.



jvc3Everio HD Series 
If high definition video is what you’re after, then Everio HD is for you. There are hard drive and memory Everio HD models, all offering the stunning image clarity that only high definition video can deliver. 

Like other Everio models, Everio HD camcorders are small and light, so they’re easy to take anywhere. And, there are Everio HD models available in onyx blacksapphire blueruby red and garnet red.


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