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Ugly Babies May 21, 2009

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On May 15th I was blessed with a new niece, Alanna Marie, 7 LBs and so beautiful! Now I’m not just saying it because she’s my niece. Remember the Cone Heads from Saturday Night Live? Not her head…it’s perfect, like a little Cabbage Patch. How about the babies that look like they’re 180 years old, all wrinkly and blotchy? Not her, Alanna’s skin looked like she was ready for an infant pageant. On top of that, the night she came home she slept for almost 5 hours straight and only cries (if you want to call it that) when she’s hungry or needs to be changed.

4334_1100048714410_1622431501_244555_6363125_sI do thank god she’s beautiful. What would you do if you went to see someone who just had a baby and they weren’t that cute? Remember the Seinfeld episode? Let’s face it, most newborns are not beautifully cute- they need to get to room temp for at least a week or two, and dry out after being in fluid for 9 months. We all will say our babies were beautiful the day they were born, but will we admit that we thought while we were pregnant…” OMG, Please don’t let me have an ugly baby“. When they’re born, our hormones are so screwed up, I don’t think it would really matter…what are you going to do, give it back. The elephant man had a mommy too! At this point you say it’s the beauty within that counts.

Too harsh? It’s the truth so fess up! Tell me your baby fears (and we’re not talking health or 10 fingers and toes) that would be a no brainer.

Back to Alanna- the Beautiful Baby 🙂

I’m going to let you in on a secret, I was hoping she would be a pain in the ass….just like her father…hehe. Not that I would want to cause her mom any problems (I do like her) but it’s always fun to sit and watch other people go through the pains of raising a child (Not serious pains just those that you can say been there done that). I do have plans for her to be treated like a princess, bitch her up a little…if you’ve read my post about my nephews, you’ll know that I love all my nieces and nephews and love to spoil the crap out of them. I guess I’ll have to wait til this one is at least 6 months to get her going in the right direction. UMMM yes I’m devious.

Can’t wait to read your comments!


6 Responses to “Ugly Babies”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one hoping I wouldn’t have an ugly baby! And then I was scared that I wouldn’t know I had an ugly baby…that’s even worse. LOL But thank God, my kids, all 4 of them, were super cute!

  2. LMAO- I did think that too…what if I didn’t know because I was the mom…

    I also hated when people would ask, is it a boy or girl?…HELLO, Do you NOT see every piece of clothing on her is Pink and she has a big bow in her hair….idiot, walk away before I mommy slap you!

  3. momactive Says:

    I’m not having anymore babies so I won’t be worrying about this but I do have to say I got lucky with some cuties — but what is it with the boy girl thing? My daughter wearing pink and bows gets called “he” ???

  4. Denise Says:

    OMG when jeffrey was born the first thing i was worried about
    was “god please dont let him have my thumbs” I have this
    hereditary retarded looking right thumb, twice the size of my
    left thumb and round.. so ugly i asked the plastic surgeon if
    he could fix it and he said dont be ridiculous its not that bad.
    well, he didnt grow up with everyone asking if you hit your thumb with a hammer!!! Sooo…… the first thing i checked out on jeffrey was his thumbs and thank god they were perfect. and so was he….. ( ha )

  5. That Boston would shit brown eyes like me and not have blue eyes like daddy….

    SHIT brown they are…and I LOVE them!

  6. robin Says:

    Oh, she is beautiful! Congrats!
    And I was also hoping my brother would have a kid just like him but all four are really sweet, easygoing kids. Oh well!
    Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Visit soon!

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