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Bowlher Party in CT August 3, 2009

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Those of us who were not able to go to Blogher 09 still got to be a part of the action by attending a Bowlher party. Here in CT it was a last minute decision, not having enough people to create our own party, Cheryl (@TheBudgeBunch) was brave enough to go along with one of my last minute (as my hubby would say) hair brain schemes. I found out about a party where they were having beer pong, food, and fireworks. Now being married with children, I haven’t “crashed” a party in quite a while. I thought, Cher and I are cool chicks and we’re not THAT old…what the hell, we can play beer pong. Of course the mom came out and I decided to go shopping to make sure there was enough food, so off to Walmart I went (with the gift card they were so kind enough to send). I have to say I had my cart toppled over with everything from burgers, dogs, chicken, buns, soda, and everything else you would need for a party and I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. (see all the bags in the back of my car) Yes that’s a cell in my hand…I was multitasking…getting the dinner order…you didn’t expect me to cook..did you?


The day of the party I was very excited, especially because I was going to meet Cher in person. I met Cher on Twitter and we probably talk everyday. We’re both in CT and we haven’t met yet. The best was we decided to drag our husbands with us (They really do love us). Just like a couple of teenagers, Cher and I talked a few times that day and Yes.. I asked, What are you wearing?…lmao.

Cher and Kevin came to my house, and I got to meet her…YAY!!!!! She totally friggin ROCKS!!!! I love this girl. We are so much alike it’s scary. How our paths haven’t crossed sooner beyond me, but I’m so glad they did now. We had sooooo much fun. We crashed the party yelling…Mommy Bloggers in the house, and after the initial shock, the actual guests of the party were really cool about the whole thing. I got to give out these awesome swag bags and Cher and I talked to everyone there about Autism Speaks. To my surprise there were some who had a family member or friend with Autism and planned on going to the website to donate.

Cheryl on Mom TV

Cheryl on Mom TV

Mama Rucci and Cher (BFF's)

Mama Rucci and Cher (BFF's)

and don’t forget BEER PONG!!!!!

Copy of 6728_1119106092881_1083870172_30304067_3618063_sCopy of 6728_1119106052880_1083870172_30304066_2313634_s


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