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Shopping for Spotted Dick August 4, 2009

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I’ve been running a household for many years and I do 99.9% of the grocery shopping. I recently went shopping at Big Y and there on the shelf was this…….

spotted dick

I know there will be some people who know what this is, but let me tell you…I almost peed myself. I laughed so hard, I think other shoppers thought I forgot my meds. ” (Plus I was trying to take pics…LMAO) “Spotted Dick” in a can for $4.99… this a bargain?

I know you can get spotted dickalitis in the red district for about $20….so I guess this is a bargain! It also says sponge pudding, it’s only 10 ounces, and comes in a can….No Thanks….I could write another paragraph on that too, but I’m laughing to hard. Anything that sounds like a VD, I try to stay away from…even if it does say pudding.  And WHO was the brainiac that came up with the name for this one? Anyhow- this item is not for me…LMAO!!!!


10 Responses to “Shopping for Spotted Dick”

  1. Jen Hinton Says:

    LMAOOOO I almost peed when I saw this too!!! I’ve NEVER seen this in a store!

  2. joe chiaraluce Says:

    thats some funny shit cuz, i’ve never seen that before either. that might e my new profile pic……lol

  3. Rissa Beam Says:

    LMAO .. I totally thought it was a new STD. What isle was this product located? Glad I was not at Big Y with you we would have definitely been kicked out. .. wow!

  4. Gwynne Says:

    Shh… I hear it might actually taste good LMAO

    But with a name like that, I’m not sure I’d even remotely be able to handle eating it without laughing the whole time, thus causing myself to choke and die.

    Which would then, of course, lead to horrendous stories about the woman in Michigan who died while choking on a spotted dick…

  5. kristin Says:

    I can’t believe it!! Never heard of such a thing 🙂

  6. Carissa Says:

    First of all what the heck is The big Y or whatever?? That could be your problem right there?? This is worth doing some google research on..??

  7. MommaDJane Says:

    OMG I was laughing so hard I was crying. I was trying to read your post outloud to a friend while tears were streaming down my face b/c I was cracking up, I couldn’t even get all the words out. This is hilarious! Spotted Dick is pudding from England. Or at least they have it there, I know an English person who knew what it was. LOL

  8. bruce Says:

    Remeber the movie King Ralph? its a desert from England

  9. Roy Simmons Says:

    Indeed, Bruce it is a dessert from the uk, quite innocent! The ‘Spots’ are currants in the sponge pudding. Always used to have it at school, delicious with custard!

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