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Could it be a Mushroom?? August 22, 2009

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My husband “The Sicilian” does all the yard work…..I hate doing it. I like to point to where I want everything. I then go about my business and come to see the final masterpiece. I love nature and using natural plants in my centerpieces. Especially in the fall when you can grab pinecones, mushrooms, and colored leaves. This year my hubby called me to see this strange mushroom type thingy that looks like……ummmmm…well…..a penis. He dug it up and it seems to have come back in gangs. When he dug them up they had multiple balls (no pun intended).


Do you know what these mushrooms are? How do we get rid of them? It’s like we have a penis farm.
Please Help!!!!!


7 Responses to “Could it be a Mushroom??”

  1. Ally Says:

    Whoa! I’m guessing the problem is your mulch…

  2. Janine Says:

    Can you get some girl mushrooms to lure them away? Hahahahaha

  3. Lmao Janine- My hubby said he wants to try to grow boobies

  4. Ally- Thanks for the info, I’ll be checking it out!

  5. fionabryan Says:

    OMG that is a lot of penises – you guys are talented!

  6. MommaDJane Says:

    OMG that is hilarious! Hope you find a cure. LOL Can’t wait to see you on Thursday… just a few more days now.

  7. I found this very helpful. I have been learning the ropes on my own and taking advice wherever I can get it.

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