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Fashion Disaster September 8, 2009

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If you meet me and think I’m starring you up and down, I probably am. I’m looking to see what shoes you’re wearing, with what kind of pants/skirt. Looking at your shirt style, checking the colors to see how it all blends together. Then on to the jewelry…earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. I’m sizing you up…Literally, hopefully if I like your outfit I can borrow it. Well that’s not the total truth…ya see, I am a Fashion Disaster. I can’t put an outfit together if it saved my life. I’m starring at you admiring how well you put everything together. I may not be able to put it together but I do know when something looks great on someone.

Now back in the 80’s and 90’s, I was in sync with everything. I can dress my ass off and give a makeover to anyone. I’m  an expert in hair, skin, and makeup as this is my profession but the clothes piece, well… I’m faking it. I’m wishing there were Garanaminals for adults…that would be awesome!

To give you perspective on how bad I am, I was in an executive position at a major health insurance company and bi-weekly my best friend would come to my house, go thru my closet and drawers, and put together the outfits I would be wearing for work. No Joke!!! Jewelry and all. Oh by the way, I always wore gold jewelry only- think of your typical Italian with gold rings, bracelets, and necklaces….yep that was me. When my BF finally got me to take the gold off and wear something different, she had to buy it for me. Over the last few years- every holiday she would get me clothing with jewelry to go with it.

I have evolved a bit- I’m doing much better with shirts and jewelry, well kinda. I shop all the time and I have great stuff to work with. Every so often, I’ll have something on that I get positive feedback and I take note: “This is an A+” Hang together in closet. Just before summer, I went shopping and bought a bunch of shirts and some jewelry. When I showed them to my daughters (19+24 and very fashionable) and they gave me the “can I borrow that” line… I was impressed with myself and knew I did good. 🙂

We’re now entering Fall and Labor day has come upon us. I now have to start all over for this season. The worst thing is, Thursday I’m going to my first ever Fashion Night Out in NYC ( and I have no idea as to what to wear. I’ll be meeting people for the first time at a fashion event…omg, I’m freaking out. If only Donna Karan (who I love love), Vera Wang, or Betsy Johnson would show up at my house to dress me. Donna Karan has saved me quite a few times with her “little black dress”. Hey if you’re reading this and you should happen to know Donna, please tell her I’m in need of her!!!! Actually I would take anyone’s help at this point. Do you think you have great fashion sense? Can you help me find the perfect chic look? Well don’t just sit there quiet…..Let’s Go Girls!!

I did buy a pair of shoes that I would love to wear and work around, however, would be willing to buy a new pair if necessary.

My new shoes

My new shoes

New Shoes

New Shoes


3 Responses to “Fashion Disaster”

  1. Fiona Says:

    First … breathe…. Second – show us what ya got girl! Let’s get a dress Mama Rucci thing goin’ here!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Rachel..I would help you but I suck! sorry. I have horrible taste!

  3. Rachel,
    You CRACK ME UP! I wish I was going to be there Thursday night… I’m only there during the day, then back on Sunday through Friday to report on Fashion Week. I would love have LOVED to have hung out with you!!
    Love the shoes… I think they are awesome! The studs are in right now. And I love how badass they look. Very chic for a mom. OK. Outfit time.
    I’m thinking…..
    Dark wash denim jeans. Designer. Perfect fit. Like a glove to your body. I love the bootcut… haven’t gotten into the skinny jean yet… but the bootcut with those heels will look AWESOME. Very cool.
    Tops — Ruffles are HUGE right now. I’m not sure what colors you love best on you… seeing your photos… I would think more warm colors… which is FANTASTIC for Fall.
    My advice… something like this –
    It’s at the Express right now for $29.99.
    And then dress it up with some fabulous long necklaces.
    This kind of outfit is chic, trendy and exudes NYC.
    If you need anymore help, let me know!!!

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