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Nominate a Teacher to Win $100 September 28, 2009


Did you know teachers spend an average of $1200 of their own money on classroom supplies each year? That’s $4 billion annually! That’s why OfficeMax joined with Adopt-A-Classroom to create “A Day Made Better“—a national cause event founded to erase teacher-funded classrooms. This year, “A Day Made Better” will take place on October 6 where 1,000 teachers will be surprised in their classrooms each with $1,000 worth of essential supplies from OfficeMax. That’s more than one million dollars donated to help teachers! Principals at needy schools nominated the teachers for demonstrating dedication, innovation, and passion.

To pay-it-forward, OfficeMax and Mom It Forward have teamed up to create awareness about the issue of teacher-funded classrooms and to give you the opportunity to get involved and help a teacher in your community on behalf of the “A Day Made Better.” Here’s how…

Simply nominate a teacher of your choice to win this giveaway by following the entry requirements. Be sure to check out the prize and criteria!


One exceptional teacher will receive a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift card to OfficeMax. This can go a long way when it comes to classroom supplies!


Teacher-Education-OfficeMax-A Day Made BetterThis is a giveaway that is meant to be given away. What does that mean? You get to nominate a teacher by sharing why this person is exceptional and deserving of this giveaway. The best part, every story told helps raise awareness in an effort to erase teacher-funded classrooms. The winning teacher will be chosen based on the following criteria, so be sure to tell us why your teacher is most deserving:

  • Dedication: does everything in his/her power to deliver the best possible education for his/her students.
  • Innovation: thinks outside the box and engages his/her students through creative learning activities & programs.
  • Passion: expresses a genuine passion for education and shares this enthusiasm in the classroom.
  • Need: demonstrates a need for essential classroom supplies.

Entry Requirements

To enter your teacher, you are required to do two things.

(Note: post a separate comment for each entry.)



(Note: Be sure to leave comments here with links to your messages.)

More than 30 sites are participating in this campaign between now and Sunday, October 4. Visit for a list of all the giveaways! You may enter a different teacher on every site, but you may only win once!

Thanks so much for helping pay-it-forward to teachers in your community! Please join us on Tuesdays, September 22 and 29 from 9 to 11 pm ET for Girls Night Out (#gno) on Twitter if you’d like to meet the team behind the cause: @officemax@adaymadebetter and @Adopt_Classroom. Hope to see you there!

We want to give every teacher the opportunity to win!!!!!! If you have any questions about how to enter, please contact me!

Fine Print

Entries are due Sunday, October 4 by midnight PDT. No purchase necessary to enter. Winners will be selected by me based on the entry that in my opinion meets the above criteria. OfficeMax, Adopt-A-Classroom and Mom It Forward play no part in choosing the winner of this giveaway. OfficeMax, Adopt-A-Classroom, and Mom It Forward employees are ineligible to enter. In a spirit of fairness, my personal friends and family members are also ineligible. Entries that do not follow all of the entry requirements will not be considered. The winner will be notified and have 24 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If no response is received within 24 hours, another winner will be selected. Open to participants in the U.S. 18 years and older.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cheryl Budge (@TheBudgeBunch) and Mrs. Nelson!! You have won the $100 gift card from Office Max!


9 Responses to “Nominate a Teacher to Win $100”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I nominate Mrs. Nelson At Lawrence Elementary School in Middletown, CT

  2. Donna K Says:

    I would like to nominate Charles (Billy) Thompson at Evansville Christian School.

  3. MJ Says:

    I’d love to nominate Frankie C. Frankie teachers junior high learning disabled students. Her patience with these students is remarkable.
    Many of the are non-readers or read at a low level. Frankie struggles to find them reading material they can handle without being “babyish.”
    I know she would use the gc wisely.


  4. MJ Says:


  5. Vanessa R Says:

    Kristel Hansen works as a science teacher at a jr high in West Valley City, Utah. This year she isn’t getting any help with science supplies, and not always lab supplies either. She buys those out of pocket.

    In order to inspire her students, she presents one with a “Student of the Week” award…out of her own pocket also.

    The school doesn’t have air conditioning, and it’s pretty hot in her classroom – upstairs with no windows. She buys them bottled water and Otter pops to help cool it down, and brings in her own swamp coolers and fans to make it cooler.

    She also coaches soccer there, and spent $60 of her own money to repaint the soccer field since the school ran out.

    She stays on her own time, unpaid, after school to help students with her homework and do soccer coaching.

    I know this card would help her out so much – even if just for ink for the printers. They only get so many copies a year, and have to pay for anything over their allowance.

  6. Cheryl Says:

    i didn’t say why i would nominate Mrs. Nelson. So here I go again with my comment. i would love to nominate my son Jake’s teacher because every day this year he has come home from school in the best mood. He is having a great year, and all he talks about is his teacher Mrs. Nelson. He says she is super nice and he really likes her alot. I have heard alot of parents and students say lots of great things about Mrs. Nelson as well. It is the beginning of the school year, so I have not had alot of time to get to know Mrs. Nelson…I have to say that ALL of the teachers at Lawrence Elementary school should be nominated. They all ROCK! My son and my daughter have had the most caring teachers ever. We are VERY LUCKY! Ms. Macri, the principal has gone above and beyond for Jake and our family. At times when things were tough, we have always had a great support system at the school. I know that from all of the great things I have heard about Mrs. Nelson from Jake and others that this year will be just as wonderful.

  7. Donna K Says:

    I updated my entry:
    I would like to nominate Charles (Billy) Thompson at Evansville Christian School to win $100 in OfficeMax classroom supplies. According to my children he does many things to make his class interesting thus getting the kids interested in history. My daughter loves history now because he made it fun to learn and relevant.

    He does everything in his power to deliver the best possible education for his students. He makes classes interactive. For example, when my daughter was studying the civil war, she and her friend made a brief play discussing the pros and cons of slavery and the war. They wore costumes that looked authentic to the time period.

    He is very innovative to find ways to make the history info relevant to the kids today. Sometimes they compare things in the newspaper to things in history. You can tell he has a genuine passion for education and shares this enthusiasm in the classroom. Since he works at a Christian school, it is not supported by the government, and funds are tight. He could definitely use the OfficeMax Gift card for essential school supplies.

  8. Donna K Says:

    My tweets:

  9. MJ Says:

    I think Donna already won for Mr. Thompson on another site.

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