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The Durham Fair October 5, 2009

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Each year at the end of September we round up the troops; my husband, kids, mom, mother-in-law, father-in-law, friends, and my cousins. We all head to the Durham Fair. This is a fair you don’t want to miss. We get to eat, shop, check out animals, tractor races, the kids go on rides, and there’s always great live entertainment. We always follow our same routine….First thing…FOOD! Everyone go grab their grub and meet under the tent.

What’s a fair without Apple Fritters


Let’s go see the exhibits-

One of our apple orchards                                                                                               Huge flowers from all over


This is thee biggest squash and watermelon I’ve seen- ya think they used Miracle Grow?

Now time to go check out the animals- These little guys were getting ready for the pig races- how cute!

This hawk’s wingspan was about 3 feet and I’ve never seen an owl up close (no owls in the city)

The huge hill kills us but we have to go to my favorite place- Hot Leathers

To the shopping/craft tent but First- we need a bag of the mini donuts- Hot off the grill..YUMMMMMM

Our feet hurt, we’re stuffed to the hilt, our wallet is empty, and we’re all freezing since the temp dropped but I wouldn’t trade it or miss it. Plus I get to annoy everyone with the wooden bullfrog I bought. If you come to CT in September, check out our fairs!


One Response to “The Durham Fair”

  1. angie Says:

    It looks like a fabulous fair…….are the mini donuts delicious?

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