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They Confiscated Vinny! October 28, 2009

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We become protectors, saviors, dieticians, nurses, and much more after having children. Parents will do anything for their children when we see them upset. My husband and I have raised two daughters, one married and one in college. This is our empty nest time, right? Well yes except for the dog and three cats. We weren’t planning on having animals when we stated our family. My oldest daughter somehow talked us into getting a dog, then there was the cat. OK we now have the perfect family. yeah ummm right…unless you have a save all daughter who loves to take in all animals, which is how we wound up with two more cats.

As I said my youngest is away at college and she decided along with her roommates that they needed an animal. So Courtney and Katie, the Einsteins of the bunch, went and bought a dwarf hamster, they named him Vincenzo. Mind you, it’s against school policy to have live animals at school, but then again, they ARE college students. When we went to visit I was amazed and proud to see how well they were taking care of Vinny…I mean he was alive and looking very healthy with a clean cage. They had him in a ball and let him roam all over the suite. He had the life of Riley.

This past Friday my husband gets a call and on the other end was his little girl so upset, “They confiscated Vinny!” she cried. “You have to come get him!” Now mind you, her school is in Jersey. I hear my husband say, “See what you have to do to get him back and I’ll be ther on Monday.” OMG- are you freakin kidding me, we have a dog and three cats who are extrememly good at hunting rodents, squirrels, and any other small animal. He will not last in this house, not to mention we don’t need something else to take care of. Katie’s parents can’t take him unless we were going to put him on a plane and send him to Calif, so we don’t have a choice. OK it’s all settled……daddy to the rescue…the big sap….this is NOT the man I married, I have no idea what happened to him, but he used to tell people to go scratch an ass. As Frank Sinatra says, he’s wrapped around their finger!

Meanwhile my son in law is having a birthday dinner for my oldest. The whole family is coming on Sunday and he needs macaroni and meatballs. Guess what, he never made it before so my husband offers to teach him how to make sauce and meatballs. They go shopping, buy everything, go back to the house and start cooking. My oldest daughter, Crissy, thinks it’s so cute that her daddy is teaching her husband to cook Italian that she posts it on Facebook. AHHHHHH Facebook, the wonderful internet, where everyone knows all that’s happening. Courtney sees the post and calls daddy….OMG, you’re bringing me macaroni and meatballs, right daddy????? Of course, he says. Here’s the sappy man again. Ummmm, the whole family will be over, we won’t have enough to bring to Courtney. Guess what???? Sunday my dear husband now has to make another whole pot of sauce and 3 LBS of meatballs…LOL. Notice I am NOT in this, unfortunately I had to work.(awwww)

Monday morning he leaves for NJ, brings macaroni and meatballs, and takes Courtney and friends out to lunch. He grabs Vinny and all the food and accessories, straps him IN THE SEATBELT in the back seat (this is a hamster, right?) and brings him home. After cooking for 16 hours, driving for 4 hours, delivering food, and playing chauffeur, my husband has Saved The Day! We now have Vincenzo…who I must say is awfully cute.


Vincenzo in his old cag

Today when I walked in, my husband said Vinny looked sad and we needed to go get him a hamster playland. Guess what….Vinny now has his own Disneyland and I find myself liking this little guy. He’s very amusing and seems to like us…maybe because we saved him!!! Of course we had to assign him his own room to keep him safe from the cats. The things we do for our children, one more thing in the memory bank.


Vincenzo's new Disneyland


3 Responses to “They Confiscated Vinny!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    YAY VINNY HAS NEW PLAY PLACESSSS!!! =) I knew you guys would take good care of him! I miss my Vinny so much! Can’t wait to see him when I come home. Love you all!!!!

  2. bruce Says:

    that is so funny, good job guys. i had a couple of hampsters as a kid. they were great

  3. melymel80 Says:

    OMG Ray this is hilarious!!!!! -Mel-

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