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Leaves Covered My Dining Room Floor November 6, 2009

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LeafI’ve been known to do some crazy things. Well, at least my family thinks they were crazy. My modo is “Have Fun”! You know the old saying,”You only live once”? I try to show my children you can have fun and be a little crazy, harmlessly. One Thanksgiving morning, I grabbed the kids, brought them outside, filled my arms with as many leaves as I could and carried them into the house and dropped them right on my dining room floor. My girls looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I told them …. Let’s go! Go get those leaves!! When they realized I was serious…the running and the giggling commenced. We ran in and out dropping the leaves on the dining room floor until it was covered. Talk about laughter……I still laugh just thinking about it.

I did tell them, we couldn’t keep walking over them, crunching them down until the guests came. So if they needed to walk through the room, they would need to shuffle…of course I had to show them how. I never had them offer so much to carry the dishes, glasses, silverware, and anything else that needed to go into that room. They shuffled in and out all morning…laughing all the while. I was getting a kick of how happy some leaves on the floor made them.

When the family arrived, they too thought I lost my mind but just laughed it off as another Rachelism. It was a huge hit for conversation. The girls also got to proudly tell all how they helped with everything that morning.

The clean up was fairly easy, I swept everything into a pile and everyone helped to put the leaves in bags, then I vacuumed the rest.

It was a Thanksgiving we will never forget! Well besides our Beetlejuice Thanksgiving.


6 Responses to “Leaves Covered My Dining Room Floor”

  1. melymel80 Says:

    Love this! How long ago was this?

  2. Debra Legg Says:

    Congratulations! You are more audacious than I am, and that takes some doing! Love it. I’d hate the mess, but I love the idea.

  3. wait, what beetlejuice thanksgiving? I need the link to that post! Love this idea Rachel and having met you IRL I’m none too shocked. Such a great idea for a holiday that can be more stressful than fun…what with all the cooking, family drama, travel headaches, etc. I only hope we have leaves around to try it :).

  4. J- I haven’t created the beetlejuice post yet, trying to transfer video from old vhs. I’ll let you know when I get it up. BTW- I’m so glad I was able to meet you IRL because you’re as crazy as I am!

  5. thevitas Says:

    that’s the coolest thing i’ve heard all day… great idea! random, but great! too bad I live in Austin, where there’s not much foliage..

  6. Elisa, Thanks for the comment. Why don’t you get a couple garlands with the leaves. Pick all the leaves off and let the kids throw them all over the table and floor. The table will look beautiful and the kids will love it!

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