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The Joy of Smoking January 27, 2010

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I know, you’re thinking who would think that way? The joy of smoking? I’ll tell you  who… a smoker! If smoking wasn’t bad for your health, everyone would be doing it! It  relaxes you, substitutes snacks, takes away boredom, and not to mention the people  you meet when you’re kicked outside to your little “smoking area”. We’ve become like  leprosy colonies– looked down on by society- minorities- diseased.  I too have become  like society and hate the fact that I smoke. NOT because people tell me not to, but  because I find myself running out of breath, coughing when I’m not sick, and  inconveniencing family and friends. I’ve decided to become a non-smoker. Thanks to FaceBook I’ve found I have many people who support me, so I decided to go a step farther and document this life changing event. I’m hoping I will hear from those who quit before me and from those who want to try to quit along with me. Together we can do this!!

I am not doing this cold turkey. I started taking Chantix about a month ago. I’m not very good with meds so of course I  kept forgetting to take my pills at the correct time, but I didn’t give up. I was determined to take the pills for 2 weeks and also start cutting back on the smokes. once I got down to 5 cigs a day, I was totally amazed, then 3 a day. This past Sunday I had one cigarette and it wasn’t so bad because I told myself what time I would be able to have it and I looked forward to it. Then I thought, how bad would it be if I only had one cigarette a day- that couldn’t hurt. It could be like that glass of wine or beer you have after work. OK, I get it- QUIT! Then there’s the I’m not a quitter- ok all seriousness This is the hardest thing I ever had to do.

I’m even nervous, I’m feeling a little like I lost my best friend. I don’t know what to do with myself. At this point I can’t talk anymore about it I’m finding it hard at times to even say the word….smoking.

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better! Please join me on this venture



5 Responses to “The Joy of Smoking”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    I know you can do it Rachel! You know I am here for you! 🙂

  2. Erin Pyle Says:

    Oh honey I TOTALLY feel ya! If I can do anything to help, please let me know! After smoking since I was 12, I was forced to quit when I was pregnant with Elijah. It was the hardest thing I did. I still grab one here and there when I am stressed or socially with Angie (@pricousins my evil bestie lol) but I have actually stayed quit. When home I hardly ever crosses my mind. I can honestly say even with the occasional one I have smoked less than a pack since I quit almost 2 years ago. The thing was that until I made up my mind to quit (when preg) I couldn’t do it. Even with Dave being allergic I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. I would go outside to smoke and then come in and shower right away and throw my clothes in the washer. Believe it or not I did that for basically 5 years!!! The smell on my breath obviously kept Dave from kissing me much of the time after I smoked too even if I brushed my teeth… but no I was too stupid to quit. lol I enjoyed smoking and didn’t want to quit. Even if that meant the end to our relationship.

    I think realizing that was when I realized I was addicted. I was pregnant with Elijah and put on bedrest. I had no choice now. I wasn’t able to go outside to smoke and definitely couldn’t do it in the house! I couldn’t shower myself either. I cut back to 3 a day. then 2. then 1. then 1 every other day. then was done. One day I just decided to fight the cravings. I went until Elijah was 3 months before I smoked again the first time. I think I visibly turned green with the first drag. LOL!

    I let more time pass and the cravings got less. I was told when you loose track of how long its been, you will be over the hill. One day I lost track and I have been fine since.

    The cigs I smoke socially are just that, a social treat. A ‘treat’. Once I am home again they go back to the back of my mind.
    Honestly if I didn’t leave the house I wouldn’t feel the urge at all. Part of me is scared that one day I will leave the house and get a job and I will start again. I guess I need to cut out the treats before that happens.

    I have no idea where I was going with this all. lol I guess I was just telling you my story in hopes it helps somehow….

    I know it’s tough Rach. I wish I could help you quit. Maybe I could do some odd witch spell or something. Wave my hands in the air, dance naked around a fire, say some voodoo chant, it could possibly work? Right? lmao. Okay how about we not try that.

    It will get easier. I promise. ❤


  3. Becca Says:

    Completely agree. Thank you for pointing that out. I’m a little sick of being asked to move and seeing people glare as if I were a lepper. Kind of reminds of you of hiding in the bathroom in school even now that we’re grown ups. You can’t smoke where food is served, on hospital property or in any breezeways here in FL. I’m a bit tired of it. Props to the Joy of Smoking!

  4. Carissa Says:

    OH MY GOSH. I have no idea what to do.. but if you need a late night phone call I AM your West Coast girl…

    If you need an it’s okay let’s start again tomorrow.. I’m your girl.

    If you need a screw the whole week let’s start again tomorrow… I’m your girl. I want to know how your family feels. Is this really the first time? Seems like they will need to be the biggest support??

    And ERIN!? With her sweet baby story and all she went through, dealing with a smoking habit too… wow.

    And here I was having a hard time kicking a ‘mountain dew habit’…. oh girl you are on. I’ll kick mine if you kick yours. (okay I suck compared to you…but!)

  5. Chelle F Says:

    Paul did the cold-laser therapy (a year ago July 23rd) and he hasn’t touched one sinde that day…he tried chantix as well as several other methods. The first thing he noticed was how bad everyone who smokes breath smells…he said “Ewwww! I smelled like that?!?” Stick with it, you’ll find what works for you. The place he went to is on State St in NH.

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