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Underaged Grandmother February 19, 2010

One week before Christmas, my daughter and son in-law come over, as they usually do. We’re sitting and I’m complaining that I need a new rug in the living room. My daughter says, “well ma, you’d better get a new one soon because I’m Pregnant!!!!”


I have dreamed of this moment ever since she was married. I played it in my head, over and over. How excited I would be. How I would go run to her and give her a great big hug and kiss, cry a little, hug her husband, maybe jump up and down. Every scenario I was so excited but so collected. saying something profound or maybe telling her how happy I was and how she was going to be a perfect mom.

YEAH Right…….Nope, Not me the emotional mental case. What do I do??? I swear…as in curse. I tell her she better not be F**^##ing with me. She must have thought I was absolutely off my rocker.
The next words that came out from both my husband and I were…What? No? What? No she’s not? OMG!!! We must have sounded like Barberino (John Travolta-Welcome Back Kotter) Huh, What, Where, When???? Basically we were two babbling idiots for probably 5 minutes.

It finally sinks in. I feel like my head is going to explode and now I start crying…a happy cry. My baby is having a baby…she’s gonna be a mommy! My brain activity is like the California freeway, going 100mph. We finally start talking about the details- due date- how she feels and who she told. Of course we can’t tell anybody– my other daughter is away at college and is due home next week. She wants to tell her sister in person. The only person I can talk to is Denise (my son in-law’s mom). So here we are the four of us (both sets of parents) we can’t tell anyone. I want to call everyone in my phonebook, Facebook, Twitter, put out an ad on TV, This is killing me already and it’s only been an hour.

Do you have any idea how hard it is not to tell someone the best secret in the world? I was talking my husband’s ear off. He finally said, I was sticking needles in his eyes because I just didn’t stop. Finally after a week my daughter gets home from college, they tell her and tell his siblings…….THANK GOD!!!
This was the longest week of my life. I ignored every phone call and by this time, people are now thinking I’m blowing them off……well I AM

Grandparents?????? HUH???

Now as we’re telling people it starts to sink in…..holy smokes… we’re going to be grandparents! I know we said we were ready, but this is really happening. Grandparents are old- I’m like an underaged grandmother. Now what’s the baby going to call me? Nonna? We already have grandma, mema, and nana. I have to have my own name! After brain-storming, we came up with “Mimi”.

It’s now been 2 months and although I’m used to the idea, sometimes it’s still hard to believe. I’m still bouncing off the wall. Already made the shower list, planned it out, and picked out the favors. I start a knitting class next week….yes me, the anti-knitter, I want to make a blanket! Now to find the most unique baby gifts out there. Besides wanting to share my news with all my friends online (which I couldn’t do right away because she needed to wait before this hit the web), I want to know if you can help me find the best of the best! Please add your links in the comments so i can start my shopping!

Thanks for sharing in one of the best things in my life……………My First Grandchild!!!!


Hotmess- week 1 February 5, 2010

Yes, I’m a Hotmess!

Wednesday was week 1 without a cigarette! Woo hoo… I did it! It was absolutely the hardest week of my life. I had no idea exactly how much addiction controls your life. It’s a part of everything you do. I missed smoking so bad, it was as if I lost my best friend. I felt alone, like nobody could ever understand. I wanted to just hold a cigarette, put it to my lips, take a big deep breath, and blow the smoke in happy little rings as I exhale. I said I wanted to, but I didn’t!

Habits are HARD to break. I try to change my daily routine so I don’t think about missing my ol buddy. Taking the Chantix has definitely taken off the edge, how people do this cold turkey, is beyond me. I would have been a Big Fail! I’m hoping the Chantix will keep working and live up to what it says.

Physically I’m starting to feel worse- go figure- I felt better when I smoked. I have a constant headache, and I’m always coughing now. A frog has moved in my throat and I’m usually spending time trying to clear him out. It grosses me out and reminds me of a really old person. From what everyone says , this is normal and it’ll go away.

Internally,  my body my body is going through its own transformation, but all good.
In 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse rate decrease, and the body temperature of your hands and feet increase.
Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. At 8 hours, the carbon monoxide level in your blood decreases to normal. With the decrease in carbon monoxide, your blood oxygen level increases to normal.
At 24 hours, your risk of having a heart attack decreases.
At 48 hours, nerve endings start to regrow and the ability to smell and taste is enhanced.
After the first week my body will be rid of the nicotine.

My new friend- Gum- any kind– I’m trying it all. I did buy gum cigarette, it was popular when I was a kid- I remembered I loved this gum. I used this while I was driving, grabbed a “gum cig” held it, even blew in it to have that cloud of smoke. I slowly nibbled little pieces off and can I just say….this is Horrible gum, guess my taste buds have to matured too. The flavor was gone within 3 minutes and after 4-5 mins my jaw was killing me from trying to chew this piece of leather. Time to find The longest lasting flavored gum. This will be a part of my weekly series- If you think you know the best gum, please let me know. I’ll be the modern Violet Beauregarde.

Some celebs according to The Insider to give props to- who have done this successfully.

If you have tips or you’d like to hope on the Mamrucci non smoker ride- join us!
and Thanks so much to all my friends who are really supporting me, even if I am a Hotmess!


Blissdom and Me- Happy Anniversary February 2, 2010

Blogging conferences, do you think they’re really worth your time and money? Do you really learn a lot from them? Can you really meet someone once and connect? Let me tell you about the anniversary I’ll be celebrating. Almost one year ago the first thought of MamaRucci came to be. It’s not so much that one year of blogging means so much on this anniversary, but rather How I became a blogger.

I was on twitter for a few months and I met awesome peeps…duhh! They talked me into going to Blissdom (they meaning Carissa Rogers, Jyl Pattee, Beth Davis, and Kim Janocko) Carissa and Jyl made sure I was staying in their room with them and with this chick Sugar Jones. Well, whatever, I thought, just hope she’s cool. Sugar and I started talking on Twitter and guess what- this chick Rocks! phewww. I kinda knew I was most definitely going to get along with her and guess what she became one of my best friends IRL!! So the four of us at Blissdom, sharing a room (this is another oh and adjoining rooms with the lovely Jessica Smith (again, this is another story).

Of course I was mad excited to meet IRL Beth (@Plussizemommy) and Kim (@craftymamaof4)! Among the 100’s of people I met, there were a few peeps that I connected with immediately MommaDJane and Twincident two them.

So me being me and them getting to know me so well- I recieved a nickname. First by Beth… MAMARUCCI- then Kim picked it now started to spread through Blissdom by Janine, Dwan, Jyl, Carissa, and Sugar.

Beth and Kim decided mamarucci should be my blog and talked around me, as if i wasn’t there, to the other girls. Sugar then brought it up to the room and Sugar, Jyl, Carissa and even Jessica decided yes I should do that. Ummmm I still haven’t said I even wanted to do a blog….helloooooo…ummm girls… i don’t blog, I write how I talk…which ain’t all that great and besides, I have a business remember…Touch’d. Oh yes… they remembered that too because everyone they saw needed to be Touch’d. Just ask Jerri, Vdog, and Mrs Flinger. The Room 704 girls who mixed Touch’d with the lovely vibrators…it was a great night!!! (yet another

By the time Sugar, Janine, Linda_sellers and I were done drinking, laying on the bar for pictures, and playing with giant bras at Coyotes, I was kinda on board for starting my own blog. Even though I had no idea what a blog was… I don’t even think I knew how to comment. I was the only one at the conference without my techie instruments to tweet, share, facebook, twitpic, and email. WOW how did I ever get by???

My blog became major conversation with these girls. You may have been talking with one of them when I walked in and you’d remember them saying,” Tell Rachel aka mamarucci she NEEDS to start a blog.” Wow they’re pushy little So I promised them I’d think about it and before we knew it the time came to say our goodbyes.

I get into the shuttle for the airport, call Janine and Dwan so we can meet for a last cup of coffee at the airport. We meet up and the minute I get up to them…Janine says, ” We’ve been talking and you have to start the MamaRucci blog and you NEED to start a MamaRucci line in Touch’d!!!!” She was VERY adamant. She talked about it all the way to our spot to have coffee, which now we were meeting up with Amy (@resourcefulmom). Yes, of course Amy jumped on the mamaRucci bandwagon. I finally say Yes it’s definite- I’m doing it, I’ll call you in a couple days after we settle in.

From that moment MamaRucci was born. So do I think these conferences are worth it? You’re damn right I do. I have met some of my best friends at Blissdom. I learned tons at the conference- I took notes and then called all my new friends and asked them what everything meant, so yeah it was educational. I got to meet some of the bestbloggers ever. One of them Liz Strauss, which I had no idea who she was- we started talking, not about blogging, and I thought she was real cool to hang with. It wasn’t until someone said,” Do you know who that was!” I was like yeah, Liz- she’s cool I like her. To my surprise the person was extremely excited to tell me Liz was the “godmother” of blogging. OK again, I don’t know the whole blogging thing so whatever, like I said she was cool.

Take a Note here if you’re a new blogger- I have come to know Liz and I totally respect her and I’ve come to learn she IS one of the best bloggers ever, however, if you see her, don’t get all freaked out- go say Hi, she’s really cool and in case you didn’t know, she’s human too.

As far as Alli and Barb- Besides being amazing, I give these two women a boat load of kudos for putting together such a great event where all are welcomed. I was a total amateur and didn’t feel out of place one bit. I’m so sad I won’t be going this year because who knows who I won’t be meeting. I will say this- Blissdom will Always be in my heart because this is where MamaRucci was born!! So Alli and Barb- Happy Anniversary!!!!

REMEMBER to take lots of pics- I didn’t have my camera so I don’t have pics with all the amazing people I met 😦