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Hotmess- week 1 February 5, 2010

Yes, I’m a Hotmess!

Wednesday was week 1 without a cigarette! Woo hoo… I did it! It was absolutely the hardest week of my life. I had no idea exactly how much addiction controls your life. It’s a part of everything you do. I missed smoking so bad, it was as if I lost my best friend. I felt alone, like nobody could ever understand. I wanted to just hold a cigarette, put it to my lips, take a big deep breath, and blow the smoke in happy little rings as I exhale. I said I wanted to, but I didn’t!

Habits are HARD to break. I try to change my daily routine so I don’t think about missing my ol buddy. Taking the Chantix has definitely taken off the edge, how people do this cold turkey, is beyond me. I would have been a Big Fail! I’m hoping the Chantix will keep working and live up to what it says.

Physically I’m starting to feel worse- go figure- I felt better when I smoked. I have a constant headache, and I’m always coughing now. A frog has moved in my throat and I’m usually spending time trying to clear him out. It grosses me out and reminds me of a really old person. From what everyone says , this is normal and it’ll go away.

Internally,  my body my body is going through its own transformation, but all good.
In 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse rate decrease, and the body temperature of your hands and feet increase.
Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. At 8 hours, the carbon monoxide level in your blood decreases to normal. With the decrease in carbon monoxide, your blood oxygen level increases to normal.
At 24 hours, your risk of having a heart attack decreases.
At 48 hours, nerve endings start to regrow and the ability to smell and taste is enhanced.
After the first week my body will be rid of the nicotine.

My new friend- Gum- any kind– I’m trying it all. I did buy gum cigarette, it was popular when I was a kid- I remembered I loved this gum. I used this while I was driving, grabbed a “gum cig” held it, even blew in it to have that cloud of smoke. I slowly nibbled little pieces off and can I just say….this is Horrible gum, guess my taste buds have to matured too. The flavor was gone within 3 minutes and after 4-5 mins my jaw was killing me from trying to chew this piece of leather. Time to find The longest lasting flavored gum. This will be a part of my weekly series- If you think you know the best gum, please let me know. I’ll be the modern Violet Beauregarde.

Some celebs according to The Insider to give props to- who have done this successfully.

If you have tips or you’d like to hope on the Mamrucci non smoker ride- join us!
and Thanks so much to all my friends who are really supporting me, even if I am a Hotmess!


9 Responses to “Hotmess- week 1”

  1. TerriD Says:

    Keep up the good work! I’m pullin for ya

  2. Diane F Says:

    I am with you much of the time that you are dealing with the cravings, and I must say tou handle them well! See you in the A M miss “HOTMESS” Lol xo

  3. Cheryl Says:

    I am sooo proud of you Rachel! I know you can do it!

  4. Hi there, came across your blog and you’re a fun writer. My tip, although many may frown upon it- try Snus. Most Swedes use it as a cultural norm after a meal. Gives a nice buzz. And it is office-safe– a spitless dry pouch of tobacco. Not without the cancer warnings but way better for you than smoking, I think. Anyway good luck with kicking the ciggy habit!

  5. Hi Emily!

    Thanks for coming by and commenting. I don’t think I would be able to chew any kind of tobacco, I’m very picky about what I eat when it comes to textures. I feel like I’m going to be able to do this and it helps to have great friends, family, and people like you coming by my blog to encourage me. Thanks for the suggestion- I do appreciate it!


  6. Do you have to be a certain age to use this?

  7. Cindy Says:

    How are you holding out? still smoke free? Hang in there, I am just starting the journey and found your blog it has given me hope that I can do this too. I have been on the Chantix for about 10 days now and have smoke two in the past 3 days. I do find that I get aggravated very easily, and want to eat more. I have to find something else to do now. But you are the only other person I have heard that refered to a cig as an old buddy that is the way I have always felt. That they have been there for you when ever you needed them even if they are killing you in the process. Its hard to loose a friend even if they are bad for you.
    Good luck in your continued success.

  8. […] was a little scarier because now I knew just how hard it was. Then today I received a comment on my HotMess post and she told me I had given her hope….imagine that…ME…giving someone else […]

  9. Hi Cindy!!

    Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts. I had some trouble with quitting but hope to join YOU in your journey! I haven’t written in a while and if you go here you’ll see why. I hope to be talking to you throughout this journey! Stay Strong! You ARE a Non Smoker 🙂

    Rachel ❤

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