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Underaged Grandmother February 19, 2010

One week before Christmas, my daughter and son in-law come over, as they usually do. We’re sitting and I’m complaining that I need a new rug in the living room. My daughter says, “well ma, you’d better get a new one soon because I’m Pregnant!!!!”


I have dreamed of this moment ever since she was married. I played it in my head, over and over. How excited I would be. How I would go run to her and give her a great big hug and kiss, cry a little, hug her husband, maybe jump up and down. Every scenario I was so excited but so collected. saying something profound or maybe telling her how happy I was and how she was going to be a perfect mom.

YEAH Right…….Nope, Not me the emotional mental case. What do I do??? I swear…as in curse. I tell her she better not be F**^##ing with me. She must have thought I was absolutely off my rocker.
The next words that came out from both my husband and I were…What? No? What? No she’s not? OMG!!! We must have sounded like Barberino (John Travolta-Welcome Back Kotter) Huh, What, Where, When???? Basically we were two babbling idiots for probably 5 minutes.

It finally sinks in. I feel like my head is going to explode and now I start crying…a happy cry. My baby is having a baby…she’s gonna be a mommy! My brain activity is like the California freeway, going 100mph. We finally start talking about the details- due date- how she feels and who she told. Of course we can’t tell anybody– my other daughter is away at college and is due home next week. She wants to tell her sister in person. The only person I can talk to is Denise (my son in-law’s mom). So here we are the four of us (both sets of parents) we can’t tell anyone. I want to call everyone in my phonebook, Facebook, Twitter, put out an ad on TV, This is killing me already and it’s only been an hour.

Do you have any idea how hard it is not to tell someone the best secret in the world? I was talking my husband’s ear off. He finally said, I was sticking needles in his eyes because I just didn’t stop. Finally after a week my daughter gets home from college, they tell her and tell his siblings…….THANK GOD!!!
This was the longest week of my life. I ignored every phone call and by this time, people are now thinking I’m blowing them off……well I AM

Grandparents?????? HUH???

Now as we’re telling people it starts to sink in…..holy smokes… we’re going to be grandparents! I know we said we were ready, but this is really happening. Grandparents are old- I’m like an underaged grandmother. Now what’s the baby going to call me? Nonna? We already have grandma, mema, and nana. I have to have my own name! After brain-storming, we came up with “Mimi”.

It’s now been 2 months and although I’m used to the idea, sometimes it’s still hard to believe. I’m still bouncing off the wall. Already made the shower list, planned it out, and picked out the favors. I start a knitting class next week….yes me, the anti-knitter, I want to make a blanket! Now to find the most unique baby gifts out there. Besides wanting to share my news with all my friends online (which I couldn’t do right away because she needed to wait before this hit the web), I want to know if you can help me find the best of the best! Please add your links in the comments so i can start my shopping!

Thanks for sharing in one of the best things in my life……………My First Grandchild!!!!


8 Responses to “Underaged Grandmother”

  1. Carol Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS…um…super young grandma!! AWESOME!!

  2. so very excited for you! you’ll be the hottest grandma out there! whoo hooo

  3. Sugar Jones Says:

    OMG, girl congratulations!!

    I know I’ll be all excited about that some day, but I’ll wait… until someone gets married… 🙂

  4. Congrats to all & join my club! LOL I have the cutest contest going on now for a Babg Bunch Bouquet of baby clothes!

  5. Renee Says:

    Congratulations Mimi! What a blessing!

  6. Courtney Says:

    my reaction was so much better than yours… just saying. YAY US!!!!!!!!! BABY<3333333

  7. Kadi Says:

    Woohoo!!! That is so freaking exciting! Congrats, granny! LOL

  8. Sylvia Fiore Says:

    Grand children are one of Gods greatest gifts to us!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are very Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW am I old enough for my niece and nephew to be GRANDPARENTS!

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