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Southwest Airlines Forced to Make Emergency Landing March 15, 2010

On March 7, 2010 a friend of mine was on the Southwest Airline 1091 flight out of Ft. Lauderdale, heading to Providence and a couple rows in front of him a woman had a heart attack. The flight attendant rushed to the woman and called out to see if a doctor was on board as her training kicked into gear. A few rows back there happened to be a doctor and in another section there happened to be a cardiac nurse. They both rushed to the woman as the flight attendant within three minutes had the woman hooked up to a heart machine that she ran to the back of the plane to get, sending all the patient’s information to the nearest hospital, in Baltimore. The plane made an emergency landing meeting the ambulance on the runway. The ambulance already had all the information it needed to begin working on the woman immediately.

Of course because the plane had to make the emergency landing, it needed to be refueled and they had to get back in line for take-off. All the passengers were amazed at the quickness and efficiency of Southwest’s staff and didn’t mind the delay.

The captain, as my friend said, was a young lady maybe in her early forties, kept everyone informed of what was happening the whole time. When they finally took off again to head to Providence, the captain got on the speaker and sang to the passengers a song she wrote for them while she waited to refuel and get the OK for take-off. She also informed them that the woman would be fine!!

I thought this was a great story with a happy ending and I wanted to share it. I always worried about what would happen to you if something went wrong during a flight. This goes to show that Southwest Airlines has top notch training for their employees and they go above and beyond with their customer service. I believe they say their the airline who cares!

I can’t imagine what that poor woman must have been thinking when all of this was going on and I’m sure she is very thankful to have been on that flight! I will be looking for my next flight on Southwest!


One Response to “Southwest Airlines Forced to Make Emergency Landing”

  1. tina Says:

    wow , that is a great story.
    it is nice to hear of a “happy ending”

    still kinda scared of flying though….

    see ya soon
    miss ya

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