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Cheap Date Challenge with Blockbuster Express March 17, 2010

I decided to accept the Cheap Date Challenge with Blockbuster Express because I love “cheap“. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Louie and Seven jeans, but I feel like when you go to the movies, it costs an arm and a leg! To go out for dinner and a movie it’ll cost you minimum $75. Besides, who doesn’t love a great deal!

I’m a homebody, I don’t like to leave the Ferrucci compound (as my friends say). I do like to shop and come home and spend my nights with my husband. We’ve been together for over 25 years and I like to spice things up. Follow my lead and have an amazing Date Night!

Let’s start with the preparation- we can do this from home, from our computer….Who knew???

Start by reserving your movies online at and yo can pick it up at the kiosk. I went directly to the Kiosk to do it. While I was there I picked up my dinner that I would be making for “Date Night“.  To rent a movie at Blockbuster Express it costs $1.00, all you need is your email address, zip code, and your bank card. That’s right I didn’t miss anything… You don’t have to dig to the land of the lost misplaced cards, no store card is needed!!!! Now for the best part….. Because I like you soooo much I’m sharing a Buy one Get ONE Free movie code! CODE: 175G13B

You heard Right! FREE CODE (expires 3/31) hellooooo, does it get better than this? well yeah, cause I’m also going to give a fast, cheap, and easy meal.

You can see my Whrrl when I got my DVD from Blockbuster Express here

Now for the dinner and all for under $25

Start with boneless chicken breasts, cleaned.  Stab them a few times with a fork, place in a bowl or large baggie. Add Italian dressing, swish it around. Take out the George Foreman (You DO have one of these, right?) Grill your chicken. Once throughly cooked, slice the chicken in strips. Mixed Greens, add shredded carrots, tomatoes, and shredded mixed cheese (I’m not on a diet so I love to add cheese). Yo can also add sunflower seeds, peppers, or anything else you love in a salad. Top off the salad with the pieces of chicken and Wala! Done… Yummy, and cheap. I usually use a ranch or vinaigrette dressing! I spent $18 on my total groceries and movie, I had a bottle of wine (yeah baby) that I added. Clear off your coffee table, throw a couple pillows and thick quilt on the floor and eat while your watching the movie, when finished slide the table out of the way and kick it into cuddle mode…. (this works best with a chick flick)

I had a great time doing this and I received a gift card from Collective Bias for participating in the Cheap Date Night promotion for Blockbuster Express, would love to hear about YOUR cheap Date Night and of course tell me what movie you rented.


4 Responses to “Cheap Date Challenge with Blockbuster Express”

  1. great post!! I’ll go get my free movie!

  2. Brandy Says:

    Great post! I love staying inside too! Never heard of this before glad you shared!

  3. Eileen Savino Says:

    Love to stay home on a cold night or after working all day and kick off those shoes and make some dinner( which what you made looks yummy and will try) sit back and relax with a movie .this is great . dont have to wait for mail anymore and dont have to pay crazy prices at the movies. I LOVE MOVIES, thanks

  4. Zippy Says:

    Rachel, I’m coming over – that looks delicious.

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