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Crocs the New Sports Attire September 27, 2009

When Crocs first hit the scene I didn’t buy a pair because I wasn’t crazy about the look. I heard many people in the music and fashion business say, “you wouldn’t ever catch me wearing Crocs in public”. Two Christmas’s ago my husband bought me a pair with the fuzzies and I thought to myself, “he doesn’t know me at all, why didn’t he get me a soft plush pair of comfy slippers?” He knows I’m always cold, especially my feet- I mean I freeze to where I can’t feel my toes…it’s THAT bad. I didn’t want him to feel bad so I wore them one day around the house and holy crap they were thee yes thee most comfiest shoes that kept my feet sooooo warm. I instantly fell in love with them. I think I lived in them all winter, I didn’t care who wasn’t wearing them due to the stupid fashion police- they have no idea what they’re missing! I mean I wouldn’t wear them to a cocktail party but I’ll be damned if I don’t strut my Crocs through the grocery store…yep that’s me…warm feet shopping…singing…hmm hmmmm!

Now I have to go to their site and what to my wondering eyes should appear but NFL Crocs…I’ve died and gone to sports attire heaven. I am Steelered out from head to ankle, plus accessories- Terrible Towel, beads, Steve the Steeler Snowman, but nothing Steelers on my feet. My daughter had also saw the Steeler Crocs and wanted a pair so I figured I would wait and get a pair for her for her birthday…just in time for the next football season. Guess what ???? They were sold out of our sizes everytime I went to purchase them. ARGGGG. I finally found them without the fuzzies and ordered them for my daughter- I was determined to get the winter ones for me.

In Feb I went to Blissdom09 and guess what we got in our swag bag?? Yes- A Croc gift certficate- can it get better than this…not at the moment. Of course when I got home and went to purchase them, again they were sold out. After talking to George (from Crocs) I decided to wait until they were in stock and George said he would make sure I got them. Well guess what I just got…WHOOT!!! Yep Thank you George (my Yankee buddy) and thank you Crocs.


I feel like it’s my birthday(singing). So check out these bad boyzzz and if you don’t have a pair of fuzzies (actual name is mammoth) for the winter, you’d better jump all over that or you’ll be left out in the cold…literally!

Now some FACTS for the fashion police. Many celebs wear Crocs, Jack Nicholson, Jennie Garth, Faith Hill, Al Pacino, Brooke Shields, Rocker Steven Tyler, Mario Batali, and President George Bush to name a few. Our own superstar Guy Kawasaki has said he was a fan. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!

Please share in the comments if you have Crocs and if you can have any pair, which would it be?