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Disney Came to My House April 12, 2010

My kids are grown but that doesn’t stop me from having kid parties! I’m lucky to have friends and family with children of all ages. I was asked if I’d like to throw a Disney Celebration Party….ok I’m the Biggest Disney fan EVAH!! I’m the adult that skips down Main St and runs to Mickey and other characters to hug them and get their autographs. I still watch all the Disney movies, I AM a Princess and I’m married to my Prince Charming. A total kid at heart! I think if you don’t have fun at Disney you need to go move to the highest mountain and just be by yourself! With all that said, of course I want to have a Disney Party!

Nobody was surprised when I called them to invite them to my party. We had a total of nine kids ranging from 1 yr- 10 yr. I had the table set with all the goodies from my Big Red Box. One child asked who’s birthday it was…haha. No birthday, just a way to celebrate the gorgeous weather….. The kids kinda looked at me as if I had three eyes…no birthday yet we’re having a party?…whatever, bring on the FUN!  They just don’t get it, but they will! We had Mickey
/Minnie Mouse ears, coloring books, bingo, magnetic characters, match games, trivia, and much more. OH and of course we had balloons…Mickey balloons, which let me just say it’s very hard to get the ears blown up right. Wondering how they do it at Disney. I thought it appropriate to have on the Disney channel. There was enough attention spans to watch a whole movie. The kids got so excited with all the party stuff- everything was flying…EVERYWHERE.

Balloons were being tossed, passed, sat on, popped, and even the dog was made to join the party. They ran from room to room color, dance, watch the TV(for 10 seconds), to stopping to have a brief conversation with another child to let them know why their favorite character was the best!

My fave….. Captain Hook… I know he’s a bad guy. I met him when I was nine at Walt DisneyLand. He was coming down Main Street in the parade and he grabbed me off the curb and danced with me, twirled me, and took me with him down the street (my mom followed on the side) I was a part of the parade- it was the Coolest thing in the world. Captain Hook and I stole the show…well that’s at least what my mom said.

Disney loves to give back to the community and now has a program where you can volunteer and receive a free ticket for the park. How awesome is that? You can go to for more information about the project. My nephew who is 11 years old just volunteered by making a blanket and donating it. He now has one FREE ticket to Disney. What a great lesson to teach our children!

You can have your own in-home celebration and enjoy these themed activities and recipes for your celebrations year round by going to

Have you been to Disney or do you plan on going there on a vacation? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments, we want to hear what you’ll be celebrating!


Bringing Shells Home from the Beach April 7, 2010

Summer for us meant spending days at the beach. We packed up our chairs, lunch, towels, sunblock, pails, shovels, and all the other beach toys that we could carry. Building sand castles, looking for hermit crabs, and collecting all the beautiful shells made the day fly by. When it was time to go home, I ‘d have to talk the kids into letting the crabs go (you know they wanted to bring them home with us). They would place their shells that they worked so hard to find, into their pails and off we’d go.

I kept the shells each year, until I had pails and bags full. There was no way I was throwing away these little artifacts that were reminders of the days at the beach, vacations, and short walks I would take with my children. When we bought our house I found the Perfect place for them. I planted a small decorative tree, placed blocks around it, and made it “My Shell Museum“. We would also collect sand from the beaches we went to on vacation, this was also put in my museum.

To this day if we go to the beach, a shell is found, brought home, and placed in our museum. It will be a place my grandchildren can add their treasured finds and it will be there forever!

Tell me in the comments how you keep your little treasures.


Leaves Covered My Dining Room Floor November 6, 2009

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LeafI’ve been known to do some crazy things. Well, at least my family thinks they were crazy. My modo is “Have Fun”! You know the old saying,”You only live once”? I try to show my children you can have fun and be a little crazy, harmlessly. One Thanksgiving morning, I grabbed the kids, brought them outside, filled my arms with as many leaves as I could and carried them into the house and dropped them right on my dining room floor. My girls looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I told them …. Let’s go! Go get those leaves!! When they realized I was serious…the running and the giggling commenced. We ran in and out dropping the leaves on the dining room floor until it was covered. Talk about laughter……I still laugh just thinking about it.

I did tell them, we couldn’t keep walking over them, crunching them down until the guests came. So if they needed to walk through the room, they would need to shuffle…of course I had to show them how. I never had them offer so much to carry the dishes, glasses, silverware, and anything else that needed to go into that room. They shuffled in and out all morning…laughing all the while. I was getting a kick of how happy some leaves on the floor made them.

When the family arrived, they too thought I lost my mind but just laughed it off as another Rachelism. It was a huge hit for conversation. The girls also got to proudly tell all how they helped with everything that morning.

The clean up was fairly easy, I swept everything into a pile and everyone helped to put the leaves in bags, then I vacuumed the rest.

It was a Thanksgiving we will never forget! Well besides our Beetlejuice Thanksgiving.


Panic call- it’s lice November 3, 2009

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Last night was an extremely late night in NYC (that’s another post) and today I planned on staying in my PJ’s, being as productive as I could and working all day. I receive a panic call from my daughter’s best friend, (she’s also like a daughter), Her daughter (who’s like a granddaughter) was scratching her head like crazy and she was concerned she had lice. This is something I used to deal with at work quite often (I was a cosmetologist) and I know how freaked out people can get. I tell her to calm down, just because she’s itchy doesn’t mean she has lice. I explain to her how to check for it and to call me back. She calls back and guess what? She has it… I talk to her very matter of factly, It’s not the end of the world and very common among children. It’s going to be a pain in the ass but it’s curable! I explain the whole process of what to do for her daughter, herself, the house, the car, and who she needs to call.

children-playingI then remember my husband telling me how the baby(she’s not really a baby, she’s 5) came over yesterday and she slept at my daughter’s house. SHIT- now I have to check everyone’s head and totally sanitize the house. Of course my daughter calls me and is freaking out, so I tell her I’ll be over to help.

After sanitizing both houses, and checking everyone’s head– I give the clean bill of health. Just in case though, my daughter wants to run to Target to grab Rid….just in case. I finally get back at 9 pm and put on my pj’s…better late than never.

Lice…..when most think of this disgusting little pest of a bug, they get totally freaked out. If you think you or your child have lice, stay calm and follow these steps.

What are lice?
Lice are tiny bugs that live on the scalp and neck. They are not able to jump or fly but they are highly contagious and can spread quickly from person to person. They spread mainly through head-to-head contact, sharing clothing, bed linens, combs, brushes, and hats can also help pass them along. They are not dangerous and don’t cause disease. They do feed off the blood by biting a couple times a day, causing red bumps that itch. They lay eggs are the hair which are called nits.

Checking for lice

You will need to part small (very small) sections of the hair and look for the actual bug (louse) and look for the nit. The nit looks like a piece of dandruff stuck to the hair (usually close to the scalp) and doesn’t come off easily.

What to do if you find it

You will need to purchase a treatment shampoo (Rid is good) and a fine-tooth comb. There are kits that include the nit combs.

Treating hair

Follow the directions on the medication. While the hair is wet, you’ll need to part the hair in tiny sections and comb-out the nits. Sometimes olive oil is used to help get the nits off. You can use conditioner after you use the shampoo o make it easier to comb through. This process is tedious and takes some time.

If your child is under 2 years, call the physician.

brushesTreating the house

1. Wash all bed linens and clothing that’s been recently worn by anyone in your home who’s infested in very hot water (130° Fahrenheit, 54.4° Celsius), then put them in the hot cycle of the dryer for at least 20 minutes. Dry clean any clothing that isn’t machine washable or store all clothing, stuffed animals, comforters, etc., that cannot be washed or dry cleaned into a plastic bag and seal it for two weeks.
2. Vacuum carpets and any upholstered furniture (in your home or car).
3. Soak hair-care items like combs, barrettes, hair ties or bands, headbands, and brushes in rubbing alcohol or medicated shampoo for 1 hour. You can also wash them in hot water (130 degrees F; 55 degrees C) or just throw them away.


Call your child’s school, daycare, and anyone they may have come in contact with.

You can find complete information at


They Confiscated Vinny! October 28, 2009

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We become protectors, saviors, dieticians, nurses, and much more after having children. Parents will do anything for their children when we see them upset. My husband and I have raised two daughters, one married and one in college. This is our empty nest time, right? Well yes except for the dog and three cats. We weren’t planning on having animals when we stated our family. My oldest daughter somehow talked us into getting a dog, then there was the cat. OK we now have the perfect family. yeah ummm right…unless you have a save all daughter who loves to take in all animals, which is how we wound up with two more cats.

As I said my youngest is away at college and she decided along with her roommates that they needed an animal. So Courtney and Katie, the Einsteins of the bunch, went and bought a dwarf hamster, they named him Vincenzo. Mind you, it’s against school policy to have live animals at school, but then again, they ARE college students. When we went to visit I was amazed and proud to see how well they were taking care of Vinny…I mean he was alive and looking very healthy with a clean cage. They had him in a ball and let him roam all over the suite. He had the life of Riley.

This past Friday my husband gets a call and on the other end was his little girl so upset, “They confiscated Vinny!” she cried. “You have to come get him!” Now mind you, her school is in Jersey. I hear my husband say, “See what you have to do to get him back and I’ll be ther on Monday.” OMG- are you freakin kidding me, we have a dog and three cats who are extrememly good at hunting rodents, squirrels, and any other small animal. He will not last in this house, not to mention we don’t need something else to take care of. Katie’s parents can’t take him unless we were going to put him on a plane and send him to Calif, so we don’t have a choice. OK it’s all settled……daddy to the rescue…the big sap….this is NOT the man I married, I have no idea what happened to him, but he used to tell people to go scratch an ass. As Frank Sinatra says, he’s wrapped around their finger!

Meanwhile my son in law is having a birthday dinner for my oldest. The whole family is coming on Sunday and he needs macaroni and meatballs. Guess what, he never made it before so my husband offers to teach him how to make sauce and meatballs. They go shopping, buy everything, go back to the house and start cooking. My oldest daughter, Crissy, thinks it’s so cute that her daddy is teaching her husband to cook Italian that she posts it on Facebook. AHHHHHH Facebook, the wonderful internet, where everyone knows all that’s happening. Courtney sees the post and calls daddy….OMG, you’re bringing me macaroni and meatballs, right daddy????? Of course, he says. Here’s the sappy man again. Ummmm, the whole family will be over, we won’t have enough to bring to Courtney. Guess what???? Sunday my dear husband now has to make another whole pot of sauce and 3 LBS of meatballs…LOL. Notice I am NOT in this, unfortunately I had to work.(awwww)

Monday morning he leaves for NJ, brings macaroni and meatballs, and takes Courtney and friends out to lunch. He grabs Vinny and all the food and accessories, straps him IN THE SEATBELT in the back seat (this is a hamster, right?) and brings him home. After cooking for 16 hours, driving for 4 hours, delivering food, and playing chauffeur, my husband has Saved The Day! We now have Vincenzo…who I must say is awfully cute.


Vincenzo in his old cag

Today when I walked in, my husband said Vinny looked sad and we needed to go get him a hamster playland. Guess what….Vinny now has his own Disneyland and I find myself liking this little guy. He’s very amusing and seems to like us…maybe because we saved him!!! Of course we had to assign him his own room to keep him safe from the cats. The things we do for our children, one more thing in the memory bank.


Vincenzo's new Disneyland


Nominate a Teacher to Win $100 September 28, 2009


Did you know teachers spend an average of $1200 of their own money on classroom supplies each year? That’s $4 billion annually! That’s why OfficeMax joined with Adopt-A-Classroom to create “A Day Made Better“—a national cause event founded to erase teacher-funded classrooms. This year, “A Day Made Better” will take place on October 6 where 1,000 teachers will be surprised in their classrooms each with $1,000 worth of essential supplies from OfficeMax. That’s more than one million dollars donated to help teachers! Principals at needy schools nominated the teachers for demonstrating dedication, innovation, and passion.

To pay-it-forward, OfficeMax and Mom It Forward have teamed up to create awareness about the issue of teacher-funded classrooms and to give you the opportunity to get involved and help a teacher in your community on behalf of the “A Day Made Better.” Here’s how…

Simply nominate a teacher of your choice to win this giveaway by following the entry requirements. Be sure to check out the prize and criteria!


One exceptional teacher will receive a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR gift card to OfficeMax. This can go a long way when it comes to classroom supplies!


Teacher-Education-OfficeMax-A Day Made BetterThis is a giveaway that is meant to be given away. What does that mean? You get to nominate a teacher by sharing why this person is exceptional and deserving of this giveaway. The best part, every story told helps raise awareness in an effort to erase teacher-funded classrooms. The winning teacher will be chosen based on the following criteria, so be sure to tell us why your teacher is most deserving:

  • Dedication: does everything in his/her power to deliver the best possible education for his/her students.
  • Innovation: thinks outside the box and engages his/her students through creative learning activities & programs.
  • Passion: expresses a genuine passion for education and shares this enthusiasm in the classroom.
  • Need: demonstrates a need for essential classroom supplies.

Entry Requirements

To enter your teacher, you are required to do two things.

(Note: post a separate comment for each entry.)



(Note: Be sure to leave comments here with links to your messages.)

More than 30 sites are participating in this campaign between now and Sunday, October 4. Visit for a list of all the giveaways! You may enter a different teacher on every site, but you may only win once!

Thanks so much for helping pay-it-forward to teachers in your community! Please join us on Tuesdays, September 22 and 29 from 9 to 11 pm ET for Girls Night Out (#gno) on Twitter if you’d like to meet the team behind the cause: @officemax@adaymadebetter and @Adopt_Classroom. Hope to see you there!

We want to give every teacher the opportunity to win!!!!!! If you have any questions about how to enter, please contact me!

Fine Print

Entries are due Sunday, October 4 by midnight PDT. No purchase necessary to enter. Winners will be selected by me based on the entry that in my opinion meets the above criteria. OfficeMax, Adopt-A-Classroom and Mom It Forward play no part in choosing the winner of this giveaway. OfficeMax, Adopt-A-Classroom, and Mom It Forward employees are ineligible to enter. In a spirit of fairness, my personal friends and family members are also ineligible. Entries that do not follow all of the entry requirements will not be considered. The winner will be notified and have 24 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If no response is received within 24 hours, another winner will be selected. Open to participants in the U.S. 18 years and older.

CONGRATULATIONS to Cheryl Budge (@TheBudgeBunch) and Mrs. Nelson!! You have won the $100 gift card from Office Max!


Catching the Leprechaun February 21, 2009

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When holidays came, We loved creating different traditions to do with the kids. We thought gifts are great but it’s the memories that they’ll remember forever. We probably made a tradition for everything: first snow fall, first leaf we find, Birthday Eve’s, Birthday week, Thanksgiving Eve, first cook-out, beach days, you name it and I’m sure I have a tradition that we do. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner and my kids being grown, I thought I’d share our St. Patty’s day tradition.

On St. Patrick’s Day (and you don’t need to be Irish for this) we go to a park, our yard, or some place that will be a good hunting ground. The children will need to find the leprechaun. Once they find him, they get to make a wish for something they’d like. The wish will come true and they can only tell one person (mom or dad) what they wished for.

Leprechauns are magical but they still need time to make the wish come true, so the child/children will need to go back to the same exact spot in 2 days (our leprechaun needed 2 days but yours may need a different number of days).

When searching for a leprechaun, if the leprechaun see’s the children and thinks he may be caught, he leaves something else there for the child to catch (a fake leprechaun, candy, etc) and we always knew he left it because there was  Magic Green Dust.


As parents we always saw the leprechaun first so we would help the children, depending on their ages to find him.

The Magic Green Dust looked like the green grass ground covering that you buy where you can get Christmas Village accessories (Department 56, etc). It seemed to be sprinkled in a small area with the item they caught sitting on top of it. Boy, that leprechaun had some imagination not to get caught!

I’m not sure where the leprechaun got the wishes, one year the wish was a goldfish and another year a barbie doll. My husband or I would always go to the spot, right before we were going to check with the children and see if the wish was there (we usually did it in the park). I would then meet him there. He sat waiting in the car making sure nobody came and mistakenly took our wishes.

This is a tradition that the kids loved and the best part was the look on their faces when they spotted the Magic Green Dust! If you’re not clear on how to exactly find the leprechaun, please contact me for more details.

Happy Hunting