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Lisa Davenport’s Speech Gets Rained On April 18, 2010

I’ve never been much into politics in my 40 plus years. I didn’t know nor care to get involved. It seemed everyone said the same thing, “I Know What’s Best for You”! Since I’ve been blogging, I find it interesting to attend events and hear what candidates have to say, mostly because I want to let my readers have an opportunity to meet them and be able to make a choice for themselves.

If you live in Branford, North Branford, Durham, Guilford, Killlingworth, or  Madison, CT, Lisa Davenport may be of interest to you. She’s running for 12th District State Senate. I went to a couple of the sites on her campaign trail to check it out. I was invited by my cousin, who is her campaign manager.

Let me throw in my full disclosure here- Yes she’s my cousin and I love her dearly, however, she did NOT ask me to write, blog, promote, or video. I’m a blogger and that’s what I do. So anything you read here is my own thoughts, opinions, or ideas. Oh, and Lisa Davenport is not running in my city, so I couldn’t vote for her anyway. I suggest you get to know her and make you’re own choice.

Now back to Lisa Davenport, a wife, a mom, and a small business owner who decided to step up and run for an office. I’m a pretty good judge of character and I really liked her in the brief moments we talked. Her smile lit up the crowd, the rain didn’t bring her spirit down, and she had a great sense of humor. She greeted everyone who came as if she hadn’t seen them in years as she introduced herself. The energy she draws from the crowd no matter what the size is in abundance. Her husband Joe stood by her side and you can tell he was very proud of his wife. I’m hoping to get to know her a little better and talk about the issues that face our cities, state, and country. Of course I’ll keep you posted!

If you would like to connect with Lisa and get to know her, ask her a question, or support her, go to:

Hear what Lisa had to say at her announcement


Disney Came to My House April 12, 2010

My kids are grown but that doesn’t stop me from having kid parties! I’m lucky to have friends and family with children of all ages. I was asked if I’d like to throw a Disney Celebration Party….ok I’m the Biggest Disney fan EVAH!! I’m the adult that skips down Main St and runs to Mickey and other characters to hug them and get their autographs. I still watch all the Disney movies, I AM a Princess and I’m married to my Prince Charming. A total kid at heart! I think if you don’t have fun at Disney you need to go move to the highest mountain and just be by yourself! With all that said, of course I want to have a Disney Party!

Nobody was surprised when I called them to invite them to my party. We had a total of nine kids ranging from 1 yr- 10 yr. I had the table set with all the goodies from my Big Red Box. One child asked who’s birthday it was…haha. No birthday, just a way to celebrate the gorgeous weather….. The kids kinda looked at me as if I had three eyes…no birthday yet we’re having a party?…whatever, bring on the FUN!  They just don’t get it, but they will! We had Mickey
/Minnie Mouse ears, coloring books, bingo, magnetic characters, match games, trivia, and much more. OH and of course we had balloons…Mickey balloons, which let me just say it’s very hard to get the ears blown up right. Wondering how they do it at Disney. I thought it appropriate to have on the Disney channel. There was enough attention spans to watch a whole movie. The kids got so excited with all the party stuff- everything was flying…EVERYWHERE.

Balloons were being tossed, passed, sat on, popped, and even the dog was made to join the party. They ran from room to room color, dance, watch the TV(for 10 seconds), to stopping to have a brief conversation with another child to let them know why their favorite character was the best!

My fave….. Captain Hook… I know he’s a bad guy. I met him when I was nine at Walt DisneyLand. He was coming down Main Street in the parade and he grabbed me off the curb and danced with me, twirled me, and took me with him down the street (my mom followed on the side) I was a part of the parade- it was the Coolest thing in the world. Captain Hook and I stole the show…well that’s at least what my mom said.

Disney loves to give back to the community and now has a program where you can volunteer and receive a free ticket for the park. How awesome is that? You can go to for more information about the project. My nephew who is 11 years old just volunteered by making a blanket and donating it. He now has one FREE ticket to Disney. What a great lesson to teach our children!

You can have your own in-home celebration and enjoy these themed activities and recipes for your celebrations year round by going to

Have you been to Disney or do you plan on going there on a vacation? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments, we want to hear what you’ll be celebrating!


Bringing Shells Home from the Beach April 7, 2010

Summer for us meant spending days at the beach. We packed up our chairs, lunch, towels, sunblock, pails, shovels, and all the other beach toys that we could carry. Building sand castles, looking for hermit crabs, and collecting all the beautiful shells made the day fly by. When it was time to go home, I ‘d have to talk the kids into letting the crabs go (you know they wanted to bring them home with us). They would place their shells that they worked so hard to find, into their pails and off we’d go.

I kept the shells each year, until I had pails and bags full. There was no way I was throwing away these little artifacts that were reminders of the days at the beach, vacations, and short walks I would take with my children. When we bought our house I found the Perfect place for them. I planted a small decorative tree, placed blocks around it, and made it “My Shell Museum“. We would also collect sand from the beaches we went to on vacation, this was also put in my museum.

To this day if we go to the beach, a shell is found, brought home, and placed in our museum. It will be a place my grandchildren can add their treasured finds and it will be there forever!

Tell me in the comments how you keep your little treasures.


Italian Women are Short and Plump March 25, 2010

Most people think an Italian woman is  short with olive skin, dark hair and  pleasantly plump. Doing a lot of cooking, keeping quiet when it comes to her husband’s business, gardening, and taking care of the kids. Let me be the one to burst your bubble….that’s not how it is in today’s world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my grandfather ever changed a diaper in his life. My daughter was the first baby he fed baby food. Once we were old enough to eat pasta (maybe 6months) he would happily put some on our highchair, along with a meatball (cut up) and a slice of Italian bread and talk to us about how great a cook grandma (Nonna) was!

Today, some of us are blonde (I’m mixed Northern and Sicilian), I would think I’m not round, and I’m 5’8″..OK so I’m 5’3″…..yeah I’m short…whatever…that one stands…and so is every one of the girls in my family. I like to think of myself as vertically challenged.

We Italian women do love to feed our family and friends, the more the merrier. We love our fresh basil, parsley, and veges from the garden to make the sauce. We do however, hold full time jobs and our husbands DO help with all aspects of raising the kids…..including changing diapers. If we stay home while raising children, sure we’ll do most of the work…but today it’s a team effort!

Our families are loud, they fight, they love each other and there’s certain traditions you need to keep. At holidays it would be blasphemy not to have at least 5 courses (Trust me, I’ve tried) Tell your mother you’re JUST going to make lasagna... she show up with 8 courses to go along with it and say she was cooking it anyway and made too much!

Line at Pepe's

Another tradition is going to the Italian Festivals (ah vest). One is in June on Wooster St in New Haven, CT. This is our Little Italy. I’ve been going for as long as I can remember. I’m sure you heard of Pepe’s or Sally’s Apizza.. Old Blue Eyes used to come to get pizza here. Everyone was related to someone on Wooster St. I would always visit the Sacco’s (Tony and Lucille’s). Maria or Sandy (Sacco) would call me over to give me fried dough…..they always made the BEST. I would stop in the club and poppy would hand me a couple bucks so I could complete the night with a Libby’s Italian Ice………..I felt like royalty. Today, Wooster St is still apart of lives and if you should ever come to CT…it’s a MUST DO!

We learn young to be loyal, give people respect, keep the family dirt in the family, always back your friends, but don’t take no crap! It’s still a no-no to live with someone or have a baby without being married. You will hear about it…with a pointed finger, a mama mia, and a glance up to God, but once the initial shock is gone…they will stand behind you!!!

We are not all “connected” with the MOB and if someone was they wouldn’t tell you. We are hard working, law abiding American citizens! Most important if you’re a good friend, you become family!


Vivi bene, Ridi spesso, Ama molto


Big Y Family Meets Bloggers March 22, 2010

This past Friday I met with Big Y along with other bloggers and Peeps from Collective Bias. I was hired as a consultant to explain in layman’s terms, what blogging is, why I blog, and what the benefits of social media are. When speaking to someone who spends their day hopping from Twitter, Facebook, Whrrl, Friendfeed, and many blogs, the lingo flows and we understand each-other. When you think about it, it’s a foreign language. When I speak to family and friends who don’t understand, it can be frustrating. Now we have three hours to break this down into the ABC’s. How will we ever do this? Attending many meetings with corporate execs from my past jobs, I knew some of them could be arrogant asses and would never admit to “not getting it” but rather delegate to some poor soul under them and have the ol’ set up for failure…better them than me. I left corporate America and now I’m meeting with them….do I really want to do this? ………….Of course I do! I have that internal “Help Button“.

I was very excited! Why??? well…… this is where I shop, I really like the store, and I heard they buy from local farmers which impresses me. Another thing that impresses me is the two stores I go to have employees that deliver top-notch customer service. I’m all about customer service, especially since I trained, coached, and evaluated reps. I don’t know the Big Y company very well but I’ll listen intently so I can speak to it for my community both on and offline. It’s important to be able to tell the inside scoop of why They should go shop at their stores.

We met in the lobby to sign in. It was very secure, we had to give our license to be scanned and then received a visitor’s pass. We stayed in the lobby for a bit while we waited for everyone to come. There was a room with comfy couches adjoined to the lobby and it was decorated with what else…Big Y memorabilia, kinda cool, an old cash register what looked like pure gold… wasn’t or I’d be writing this from Hawaii…not that I checked. It had old pictures and fake fruit stands that separated the two rooms. Ok enough about the lobby, but I am a nostalgic person and it was cool.

On our way to the conference room we have to walk by all the cubicles of the employees. First check -do they seem happy? This is easy to tell…do they immediately smile when they look at you or, do they smile back if you smile first. As I walked by………everyone smiled and some said hello…this is a good sign! The food everywhere could have had something to do with their smiles. Points!

We now are sitting at the conference table and behind me is coffee, water, and food!- Points scored here, but truthfully I was hoping for some fruit…it’s Big Y…they have awesome fruit! Share some with us!!!

Ok so in come the Big Y peeps… Phil, Karen, Nicole, John, Merles, and Linda. Everyone was very pleasant and we started to go around and introduce ourselves. When they got to Karen and said how long she’s been with the company, I was ready to grab her and interview her so i can create my next Touch’d product. She looked fabulous, not that we exchanged ages, but women have this secret inner sense. I was ready to start a whole new meeting and make it all about ME! Simmerrrrrrrr… i didn’t, I stuck to what we were there for.. to educate. They all sat and listened patiently as we (us bloggers) talked all about ourselves, our blogs and why we loved it…. Passion…at least that’s what started us all. Ok so some of us had more to say and may have even got Shhh’d. Did you expect any less? I like to be thorough.

Phil spoke in between and started telling us Big Y stories. I wanted to stay an extra hour with my pad and pen and take notes. It was an inspiring story how two brothers started Big Y and there were little tid bits in there that were very interesting (you know…….the stuff that captivates you and gets lock in the useless information bank) Did you know Big Y is an actual family owned company? I heard the slogan “to your family from ours”, but when I worked at the post office they called us family…yeah right. You can read about the history of Big Y on their site….wayyyyy at the bottom. There’s no pictures of the family, I checked the whole site (They should really put some…hint hint) Anyway Phil also told about all the testing Big Y does on it’s brand products…again I thought this was cool. I totally want to go to the site and watch the testing….and of course blog about it. I’d like to be taste tester of the bakery department.. HAHA

After the three hours spent there, I can tell you that ALL the Big Y people (family) were very gracious and kept an opened mind as we flooded them with information. We joked and laughed throughout and the mood was very relaxed. If anyone did have jitters, they disappeared after a few minutes. Of course at the end I whipped out my camera and said Pictures! Not everyone was as willing as Phil and John but at least you get to meet them.

In the beginning I told you I was paid to attend this meeting, however, I was NOT paid nor was I asked to write anything about the meeting or Big Y. As bloggers don’t we want to share all??? If i didn’t like Big Y would I have wrote this? You bet!  I want you to know when you walk into the store, know a “family” who probably gets together for picnics, fights with one another, and loves each other very much, has grown this company and are running it together.

Do you shop at Big Y? What do you like or dislike about it? Does it make a difference that you now know it’s a family run business? I want to hear your thoughts. Also here’s a link if you like coupons, my friend puts together coupons with their weekly ad to help you save money


Leaves Covered My Dining Room Floor November 6, 2009

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LeafI’ve been known to do some crazy things. Well, at least my family thinks they were crazy. My modo is “Have Fun”! You know the old saying,”You only live once”? I try to show my children you can have fun and be a little crazy, harmlessly. One Thanksgiving morning, I grabbed the kids, brought them outside, filled my arms with as many leaves as I could and carried them into the house and dropped them right on my dining room floor. My girls looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I told them …. Let’s go! Go get those leaves!! When they realized I was serious…the running and the giggling commenced. We ran in and out dropping the leaves on the dining room floor until it was covered. Talk about laughter……I still laugh just thinking about it.

I did tell them, we couldn’t keep walking over them, crunching them down until the guests came. So if they needed to walk through the room, they would need to shuffle…of course I had to show them how. I never had them offer so much to carry the dishes, glasses, silverware, and anything else that needed to go into that room. They shuffled in and out all morning…laughing all the while. I was getting a kick of how happy some leaves on the floor made them.

When the family arrived, they too thought I lost my mind but just laughed it off as another Rachelism. It was a huge hit for conversation. The girls also got to proudly tell all how they helped with everything that morning.

The clean up was fairly easy, I swept everything into a pile and everyone helped to put the leaves in bags, then I vacuumed the rest.

It was a Thanksgiving we will never forget! Well besides our Beetlejuice Thanksgiving.


Grease September 14, 2009

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Those of you who know me, know I like to have fun. I will sing, dance, and do nutty things even if it means it could be an embarrassing moment. I told some of you about the surprise 40th Birthday Party my family threw me and about some of the play by play moments. Well you asked to see the infamous Grease Dance, so here it is my friends- Be kind and oh you might want to pee first so you don’t pee yourself. The lovely other dancers are none other than my dear family.

Don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments below!