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Children on a Hunt in MY YARD April 13, 2010

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My husband started a tradition of having an annual Easter Egg Hunt at our house. Since we don’t have little kids, it’s our way to still see the joy of children’s faces hunting for eggs, candy, and prizes along the way! We invite family, neighbors, friends, friends of friends, and anyone else who wants to join.

Hubby prepares the front yard, making sure everything is perfect. He then scatters the candy, bubbles, gum, plastic eggs filled with more candy and pennies, and this year we added Hershey’s pre-packed eggs. We have little stuffed animals or toys for the babies (cause they need something too).

He lines them up- Get Ready, Get Set, GO!!!!!

Off they go, running, grabbing, and scooping up their goodies. The little ones are best to watch because they’re very particular of what goes into their basket. One little girl did NOT want the plastic eggs but was going for the candy only. When mom helped her, she simply took the eggs out of her basket and threw them back on the ground. Another little boy woo hoo’d for every piece of candy he picked up and another needed to show mom each piece she found.

We were asked Why we do this. When you have this cute little person saying thank you, your welcome, thank you– 100 times because she was so excited….That’s Why!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our visitors for the day!


Catching the Leprechaun February 21, 2009

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When holidays came, We loved creating different traditions to do with the kids. We thought gifts are great but it’s the memories that they’ll remember forever. We probably made a tradition for everything: first snow fall, first leaf we find, Birthday Eve’s, Birthday week, Thanksgiving Eve, first cook-out, beach days, you name it and I’m sure I have a tradition that we do. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner and my kids being grown, I thought I’d share our St. Patty’s day tradition.

On St. Patrick’s Day (and you don’t need to be Irish for this) we go to a park, our yard, or some place that will be a good hunting ground. The children will need to find the leprechaun. Once they find him, they get to make a wish for something they’d like. The wish will come true and they can only tell one person (mom or dad) what they wished for.

Leprechauns are magical but they still need time to make the wish come true, so the child/children will need to go back to the same exact spot in 2 days (our leprechaun needed 2 days but yours may need a different number of days).

When searching for a leprechaun, if the leprechaun see’s the children and thinks he may be caught, he leaves something else there for the child to catch (a fake leprechaun, candy, etc) and we always knew he left it because there was  Magic Green Dust.


As parents we always saw the leprechaun first so we would help the children, depending on their ages to find him.

The Magic Green Dust looked like the green grass ground covering that you buy where you can get Christmas Village accessories (Department 56, etc). It seemed to be sprinkled in a small area with the item they caught sitting on top of it. Boy, that leprechaun had some imagination not to get caught!

I’m not sure where the leprechaun got the wishes, one year the wish was a goldfish and another year a barbie doll. My husband or I would always go to the spot, right before we were going to check with the children and see if the wish was there (we usually did it in the park). I would then meet him there. He sat waiting in the car making sure nobody came and mistakenly took our wishes.

This is a tradition that the kids loved and the best part was the look on their faces when they spotted the Magic Green Dust! If you’re not clear on how to exactly find the leprechaun, please contact me for more details.

Happy Hunting